Loving It Two Pieces

Oh yes! I am definitely loving this look to pieces! It’s got me written all over it which is why it’s one of the newest additions to my closet (oh btw you guys… my closet is looking pretty jammed packed so that means its time for some spring cleaning!…I will be selling a lot to make room for even more…so watch out for the post on my Facebook page).

But any who back to this fabulous outfit that has me day dreaming of my trip to GREECE and also for my first cruise! Whoop Whoop! I am so pumped for both of them! I have only been to the Bahamas, so even though that’s technically out of the country, I have never explored across the waters! I will be going to Greece, San Juan, Grand Turks, St. Thomas, and the Dominican Republic all this summer! EEEK I can’t wait!! So if I start to mention my trips a lot on my blog, I do apologize in advance, I’m just like a kid going to Disney World for the first time, I literally can’t hold in my excitement to travel to all these new places! I am so excited that I have already started my packing process….and lets just say I am packing a lot of florals and flowy fabrics. You have to dress for the occasion right? Figured this 2 piece floral set would be perfect for both trips! Plus floral prints just put you in VACAY mode!..Am I right?? BUT! Florals are not only perfect for your next tropical destination but they are beautiful for spring, especially this outfit! The turquoise  of this ensemble along with the array of pink accents are just breathtaking, just like spring blooms! I didn’t want to take away from the 2 piece set, so for jewelry I went with a small and simple turquoise earring.

So make room in your closet for some florals!..you will be loving them to pieces for both spring and summer!

|| 2 – Piece Floral Set: THE BOUTIQUE, Earrings: TJMAXX, Sunglasses: 121OPTICS ||


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