Products That Have Transformed My Skin

Good morning guys! So let’s talk about skincare. We have all had to deal with breakouts at one time or another in our lives, I know I did and still are treating it, but I have found 5 products that have really transformed my skin and I want to share them and my skin story with you all.

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Since my freshmen year of college I have been battling acne. I use to be so embarrassed because my face would be covered in acne… and not just one or two, it use to look like a baby rash all over my face. My skins appearance would look so rough, and for being a makeup lover and a girl in the pageant/modeling world it was devastating. I was completely embarrassed and always thought people were looking at my acne instead of truly looking at me. I had tried every product under the sun and nothing was really curing it. I finally got the “baby rash” to calm down but I was still having breakouts. I wouldn’t go a week without having some sort of blemish and it was starting to frustrate me. I would be super strict on my skincare routine and still wake up with something, it didn’t make sense….

I knew that there had to be a product out there for me that would help my skin. So I started to do some research and ran across the brand, Dermalogica. I am so glad that I didn’t give up on my skincare routine and decided to try another product. Dermalogica has completely transformed my skin. I notice that my skin’s texture is smoother and my weekly blemishes are decreasing.

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I wear makeup and I’m not afraid to admit that I wear a lot of makeup, because I just really love makeup. Well for a while I would just use the makeup remover wipes to get all the makeup off before I started to cleanse my face, but they just didn’t seem like they were fully doing the job, plus I felt that the wipes were just stretching my skin. My favorite product ever is the Dermalogica Precleanse, it’s basically does the job of a face wipe but BETTER. It’s oil based and all you do is pump some in your hand then start moving it around on your dry face. Your makeup just melts. It seriously takes it all off!! It’s a miracle worker! For a cleanser I do use the Purity by Philosophy. It’s a gentle cleanser that I use morning and night that doesn’t irritate my skin. Next I use the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant. This product is AMAZING!! It resurfaces your skin and makes it super smooth. It feels like a baby’s bottom once you are done! It exfoliates and deep cleans your pores to get rid of toxins and harmful environmental pollutants. I can’t say enough great things about this product. Then I use the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, I use this morning and night as my moisturizer. It feels amazing when you rub it on the skin and for me it keeps me moisturize without making me super oily! Recently I started to use eye mask at least once a week or before I have a photoshoot. I am loving the pearl eye mask from Sephora, it just brightens and illuminates the skin for more beautiful eyes!

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These products have truly transformed my skin and I am loving the results from each of them. These particular products might not be the key to your skin but they have been working for mine. If you are like me and have tried a lot of products on the market, I do recommend you to try the Dermalogica and Philosophy products! They are a tad bit on the more expensive side but if you are going to spend money on any beauty product, I would invest my money on skin care! Skin is the canvas to your makeup masterpiece. And for all you struggling with acne, you aren’t the only ones….just like me, there is a product out there for you! Don’t give up on your skin!

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