Green Game

Hello my loves! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day that was filled with an abundance of love, happiness, and chocolate! Mine was definitely full of all three of those! I ate way too many Lindt chocolate truffles plus I received so much positive feedback from my personal post about my first lingerie shoot!! I was overjoyed with the response and it meant the world to me, so thank you guys so so much! I was surrounded by my family who are the best people in the world, they took me to get my favorite meal…SUSHI and my Dad surprised my Mom and I with beautiful roses. Although I didn’t have a “special someone” to spend it with, I did have the most special people around me that made up for it, my family & you guys!!… and that is what V-DAY is all about… being surrounded by LOVE!


Now let’s get back to talking FASHION and my next #OOTD!

I’ve been so excited to share this look with y’all! You guys already know about my love for neutrals so I decided to take this gorgeous beige turtleneck from bebe and pair it with these awesome black leather leggings that are also from bebe. These leggings are so cool, I love the wet appearance of them and the added lace embellishments on the side! Shoe choice for the look were obviously my black thigh high boots from bebe. **As you can kinda tell by now that I am a big time #bebegirl!


I wanted to add another color into the mix. I have always been a green fan. My birthstone is emerald green and most of my evening gowns for pageants have had green in them…so it’s a special color to me. So I am bringing my green game with this look and incorporating it into the outfit by adding a green suede jacket and what I like to call the “train conductor” hat, all from Forever21! It’s always fun to add that extra pop of color! It brings a bold statement to the look!

This is a casual, chic, & a powerful look! You are definitely in demand of the day in an outfit like this…boss-babe status!



Turtleneck + Leather Leggings + Boots- bebe

Green Suede Jacket + Hat- Forever21

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