Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

In honor of the day of LOVE and being inspired by the hot movie, 50 Shades Darker I thought it would be appropriate and the perfect time for me to share my first lingerie shoot experience with you all! So here it goes, another pretty personal post but I am so proud of these photos that I just had to share!


When it comes to my modeling portfolio I am always trying to push my personal limit and challenge myself to be different. Y’all already know from my last personal post that I dealt with a lot in the last 2 years, so I wanted to do something to channel all those emotions. I was approached to do a photoshoot, but this time the theme was WAY different than anything I had ever done….they wanted to do a lingerie shoot. At first my heart dropped and I was really nervous, nervous of what people would say or think, nervous that I couldn’t pull the look off, and nervous about my brand. In the process of continuing to build my brand, I have to be really careful with who and what I associate my name with plus the images I post. I have said from day 1 that first and foremost I want to be a role model. I know as a social influencer that I have people looking up to me, I didn’t want to do anything that would be considered inappropriate or not a good example. The debate of whether or not this photoshoot was a good idea kept running through my mind. I had listed all the pros and cons….


but at the end of the day I decided to go for it, what did I have to hide. I am proud of who I am and my body and this was the perfect way to show it! It was also the perfect thing to channel all my emotions that I was dealing with. I looked at the photoshoot to be a great message for the people that look up to me to not be afraid to be themselves or ashamed of who they are or their body. I am by no means stick thin or super tall…two insecurities I have had to overcome. Being in the modeling and pageant industry, I am constantly being judged and ridiculed for it. This photoshoot was my way of conquering those insecurities. I wanted to show I was strong and confident in who I am and thanks to the help of a great photographer and team, that was exactly what was captured!


I am so happy that I went through with the photoshoot! I had the experience of a lifetime for my first lingerie shoot, not only did I get to do beautiful and playful shots indoors but I also got to strut the streets of the Las Vegas strip. It was very nerve wracking but such a adrenaline rush! I never thought I would be shooting on the Las Vegas strip in my bra and undies with a fur coat!


The images are a combination of beauty and playfulness and also sexy and sultry… which I love!! I kept with my brand by keeping them playful and classy but I also showed that there is a sexy and strong side of me! It was so empowering to do a photoshoot like this! I would be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous to pose in a sultry and seductive way but in all honesty, it was so much fun to unleash that side of me.


I am in love with the images we produced and I hope for all the girls who do look up to me that these photos don’t make you look at me differently but inspires you to be more you! Love and be proud of who you are and embrace every inch of it! Never be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone!

“Great things never came from comfort zones”


Photo Credit: Billy Ward


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