Sugar-Coated + A Collaboration with Lisa Opie


Let’s all take a moment of silence for the coat of coats….AMEN! I think it’s safe to say that this coat speaks for itself and it definitely spoke to me when I saw it hanging on the hanger at bebe. Suddenly a bright light was cast upon it drawing me to it!  It’s the holy grail of coats in my opinion and worth every nickel, dime, and penny! I had looked at this coat for days on the bebe website but knew I could only dream of it being in my closet. Well the fashion gods were with me that day while shopping because my local bebe had a return that just so happen to be in my size, PLUS it was half off!!!! I was jumping up and down with joy! The coat was coming home with me!


So that is the background on this AMAZING coat and how it found it’s new home! I was drawn to the incredible bead work on the shoulders and the beading that lined the top and the back! It almost looks like it’s embellished with sugar and darling this coat is super sweet on!


So my love for this coat has inspired my 3rd Valentine’s Day look! It’s beautiful and sexy all in one and it can have multiple uses. I want to go all out this Valentine’s Day with my look, I mean why not! Perfect reason to get all dressed up!  I’m looking for that impeccable outfit for Valentines that will surely impress! I think I have found mine! You can wear this coat by itself (that’s what I do) and make it a coat”dress”, which gives off a sexy and mysterious vibe!… Or wear it over a simple dress/cocktail for added glamour! Whatever way you decide to wear an extravagant coat like this one, it will surely leave everyone in awe!! Let’s all admit..nothing is sweeter than something sugar-coated…in bling!


Find that outfit on Valentine’s Day that you absolutely LOVE and feel your absolute best in! At the end of the day that is all that matters, it doesn’t matter what store it comes from, or the price tag, or if you have worn it before! It’s a day of LOVE so LOVE your outfit!

For more Valentine’s Day inspiration I am collaborating with the one and only Lisa Opie to give you more looks you will fall in love with! I have LOVED Lisa’s style since the first day I met her and you will too!! Check out her blog below & be sure to follow her on social media   @lisa_opie!




LADY CODE with Lisa Opie



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