Tickled Pink


Happy Wednesday Loves!

We are midway through the second week of January and already there are so many things to be thankful for this year. As I look back on these last few years I have realized a lot about myself as well as starting to understand the meaning of my life story. So today’s blog is a little personal but it’s something that I want to share and show how incredible thankful I am to God, for his blessings, for you guys, and also to everything that has lead me to this point.


A few months before the end of 2016 I decided to start my own blog and really dive into social media. I was terrified to begin this new venture but knew it would be a great opportunity for personal growth as well as a really fun hobby and could potentially grow into a business. I kept going back and forth, weighing out the pros and cons of entering this very popular and high demanding social media avenue! I had just gotten out of a very judgmental position, why go back in… plus everyone was doing it! So, coming in late in the game was scary and a risk… and I’m not much of a risk taker (besides with fashion)

From 2015 all the way through 2016 was a rough period of my life. Although I was able to live out my dream, travel the country and graduate from one of the best colleges, I was struggling a lot, both emotionally and physically. I had never had to deal with so much disappointment and heartache all at once. I felt the world kept knocking me down and backing me into a corner and I wasn’t aloud to say anything. Although I made it seem all hunky dory by my post and expressions, I was hurting inside. I lost myself. I lost myself to the individuals who pretended to be my friends, I lost myself to the lies others would tell about me, I lost myself to this position that was constantly being judged.  I completely lost myself. I didn’t know who to trust or believe or even turn to, and that can weigh a ton on a person, especially if you constantly try to find the good in everyone. Although I was lost and hurt I wasn’t in the position to show that, I was in a position to inspire… and that’s what I tried to do, and hopefully did. Thanks to social media, especially Instagram, I was able to document the good moments and showcase me living out my dreams… and I am so thankful to everyone who joined me for every adventure. Hearing your feedback and seeing your comments made going through the heartache worth it! Day by day my follower amount grew and I couldn’t believe that my content was being noticed! I knew I needed to continue what I was doing no matter how I was feeling. Once that chapter of my life came to a close I decided to continue with social media.I found it as a great healing tool during that time period and would continue to be. As 2016 drew to a close I knew I wanted to start something new. I had learned so much about myself between 2015-2016 and knew that I was strong enough to take on anything. After such a challenging year I knew what I was capable of. So in September of 2016 I decided to completely go for it!..I decided to create 365 Days of Summer… and I am really glad that I did! The response that I have received since September has been absolutely REMARKABLE!! And it’s all because of you guys!! Seriously y’all are the BEST!


My healing tool has turned into a business with now over 20K followers! And it wouldn’t have been possible without you all! So thank you! Thank you for believing in me, for supporting me, being interested in what I say and how I dress, and joining me on this new adventure!


So what I am trying to say in this long personal post is that although it was a tough and a challenging period of my life, I am extremely grateful for every moment, the good, bad, and ugly. If it wasn’t for the friends who turned their backs, the lies that were told, the judgements that were made, I wouldn’t have had the guts to start this in the first place. So  I thank God for it all because it led me here. So if you are dealing with something challenging and hurtful, don’t let it defeat you, let it inspire you to be stronger!

 I am extremely excited for this year & what is in store for 365 Days of Summer! I would love for all of you to continue on this journey with me!

You could say I am tickled pink for what’s next!


Outfit Details

Dress: Nasty Gal 

Jacket: Forever21

Choker: Forever21

Shoes: AGACI 

7 thoughts on “Tickled Pink




  2. Payton Bagby

    Summer, this is truly incredible. You have such a way with words to be able to inspire! Definitely a good decision on starting up the blog! I have followed you from your reign as Miss South Carolina United States & onto Miss United States. I have continued to love watching you even after your reign! Even though we do not know each other, you are obviously just as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the outside! Continue to do great things!


  3. Gary Nelson

    Summer, I have had the great opportunity to be your pilot a long while back before you won your crown. Yo were gracious and elegant then & still are that & more more today. You left an impression that would be hard to forget and wherever I fly to, I have met your fellow contestants who speak so highly of your character and they cherish their friendship with you. You have been & are today a great role model for young women & girls who can be talented, smart, educated, elegant, beautiful inside & out, who can embrace their femininity, yet be strong in many various ways. Thank you for being all this & yet reveal your vulnerabilities to remind us of how very human we are. God bless you my friend. 💐


  4. Jeff Cohen

    You know how proud I have always been of you and continue to be. Just keep being Summer, she wasn’t as lost as you think, she was just learning some of the unpleasant parts of life and growing into the woman she is today. All I can say, is you truly are an inspirational role model someone I a proud to work with.


  5. Linda Christine

    Summer, I have followed you from high school days up to this post and I have always admired you and your family for all the support they have given you…Any comments about you I am sure were from jealous people…I am so glad you had the courage to post your feelings so the world could see and not just anyone could have done this…I am so proud of you and hold your head high…


  6. I’m praying for you Summer, every time I see one of your beautiful posts. This is courageously & well said & you are an inspiration to others not just as a gorgeous model but as a brave example of persistence & dodiligence in a world that is tough for many. Keep on keeping on, you have much to offer!


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