Gift Idea for the Kiddos

Now-a-days kids have so much to choose from!! I think they come out with a new toy EVERYDAY & its like a toy-land in every store! You would think with the wide variety of options that Christmas shopping for the kids would be pretty simple…and maybe it is for you… but if the kids in your life are anyway similar to my two baby cousins then it can become quite difficult! I think every time I see them that they are into something new. One year it was ballerinas and Taylor Swift, then it was everything Frozen, a month ago it was gymnastics and horseback riding, and who knows what it is now! But instead of guessing and crossing my fingers that I got the perfect gift I decided to do something fun and different this year!

Last year I made them both hand crafted ornaments! They absolutely LOVED them! But I couldn’t gift the same thing twice.. I had to step up my game this year!

This is what I came up with!


I decided to make them each a cute goodie box filled with random and fun objects! Seriously if I was a kid again I would be so excited to get a box full of surprises! Wouldn’t You?

I found these matching boxes that look like santa suits from Target and I grabbed random items out of their dollar Christmas bins! They had so many cute mini size things! My baby cousins LOVE lipgloss so I got them both lipgloss that look like a giant KISS chocolate and also a tube of lipgloss that has 3 different holiday flavors… I think they are good on lip glosses for a while! Shopkins are HUGE this year and I think my baby cousins own two of all of them! But I lucked up and found the limited editions holiday ones in the Target dollar bins.. bet they don’t have them yet! I also got them these Holiday Poppers! They are these cute holiday figures that shoot out little foam balls when you squeeze them! Random, but something different & fun! They love legos! So I found the mini packages of the legos. And I had to put some candy in there! I went for Pop Rocks! I don’t think they have ever tried them before so I thought they would love that popping sensation in their mouth. Plus, they are two sugar heads so they would love anything sweet! I finished off the box of goodies with matching t-shirts that say “But First Presents’! This describes them perfectly! They are two eager beavers when they spot something wrapped up with a bow on it! And what’s even more perfect about finding them matching t-shirts is that I found me one to match theirs!… Cute family pictures are in order!


So for the kiddos in your life that can’t make up their minds on what they want for Christmas, try surprising them with something different like a box filled with random goodies! This is a super easy and a fun gift idea that won’t rob your wallet! Also!… it’s perfect for all your last minute shoppers! Easy, simple, and full of fun, trust me the kiddos will love it!



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