Pine, Peppermint, & Plaid

My heart is surely glowing because the most WONDERFUL time of the year has arrived! I love everything about the holidays, from the smells of peppermint and Christmas trees that fill the air, the lights and decorations hung and strung everywhere in sight, to even all those super cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies…but my favorite part of all is the start of holiday family traditions…oh AND being able to pull out all my cute winter attire from my closet. This month’s blog posts I will be sharing and unwrapping my favorite holiday looks, foods, and family traditions!



So to start off an ole fashion Priester holiday we had to take a trip to the Christmas tree farm, plus I wanted to show off my first holiday look! Although my family has an artificial tree, we always love to take a stroll through a Christmas tree farm. Just the smell alone will get you in the Christmas spirit!

Now for my first holiday look this season I was definitely feeling festive in the traditional Christmas colors of red and green! We automatically associate those colors with the holidays so I thought why not make that my first look of the season. I have been searching for weeks for a cute red plaid knit skirt and couldn’t seem to find one in my size. The jeanie  in my closet must have heard my wish because out of the blue I found my aunt’s vintage red plaid wool skirt from when she was my age. It even had an extra flair to it with the added tassel bottom! It’s pretty cool to be able to wear a piece that belonged to her, very sentimental, plus I am always up to wear vintage! I just LOVE this red plaid pattern, it’s my latest obsession…so you will definitely be seeing more of it during this Priester Christmas!  I paired the red plaid vintage skirt with a beige turtleneck and this beautiful forest green suede coat from Forever21.So to not freeze my legs and toes off, I decided to wear some black tights and my over the knee black suede boots from bebe. I topped the look off with this ADORABLE double pom-pom beanie that I purchased from H&M. I love the double pom-pom beanie, it’s so cute, fun, and unique! A great way to complete this first holiday look!


I couldn’t begin getting into the holiday spirit without getting my FAVORITE drink of the holidays! I am one happy girl when Starbucks announces that the peppermint mocha is back for the season! It’s Christmas in a cup in my opinion! It warms you up and leaves such a refreshing taste in your mouth..Ahhh..I just LOVE peppermint! Anything & Everything! Peppermint bark, peppermint candy, peppermint cheesecake (Hands down my favorite desert), and peppermint mochas…my taste buds go nuts this time of the year from all the PEPPERMINT! But, it’s just another way to make the holidays that much sweeter and delicious! I can’t wait to start making some of my own holiday treats & you already know I will be adding in some peppermint.. I just can’t help it!


So I have kicked off my most favorite time of the year and I’m making this a December to remember! The countdown to Christmas is ON! So stay tuned for the continuation of 365 Days of Summer Blogmas and for some more Holiday Cheer!



Faux Suede Forest Green Jacket: Forever21 similar- Macy’s

Black Over The Knee Boots: bebe

Pom-Pom Beanie: H&M similar- Ebay 

Similar Red Plaid Skirt: Old Navy 


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