Long Distance Love

Relationships, we are all seeking them, especially a romantic one. We desire the fulfillment that they create in our lives. Nothing is better than knowing you have someone to share all those special moments with, knowing that they are there for you on your best and worst days, and knowing that you just want the best for one another. Seriously!..what is better than having someone give you butterflies, kiss you on the cheek or constantly make you smile? What is better than Love..in my opinion, there is no better feeling.


I am such a hopeless romantic (the cheesier the better). When I was younger I would dream about my perfect “prince”, hoping one day he would sweep me off my feet and then it would be a happily ever after. Well I have had my fair share of relationships and have kissed quite a few frogs. I’v had my heart broken more times than I can count. So many that I was starting to lose hope on love. I was ready to give up and start adopting cats. How could I lose hope on the most beautiful feeling? I remember just praying to God, but I knew that it was all in His timing. Love is not something you go out and look for, love finds you…and it sure did.


Not your typical fairytale, but definitely one for the books… March of 2016 I met Carson for the first time. I traveled to Las Vegas for a modeling job and was introduced to him in the most embarrassing and awkward way. I arrived at the venue with no makeup on (side note, I do not go anywhere without some makeup on) and grabbed myself a large cup of coffee. The owner of the company I was modeling for insisted on me meeting everyone, especially the video & editing team. So we headed upstairs and the klutz that I am spilled the whole cup of coffee on myself. So now, not only do I not have makeup on I also have a giant brown coffee stain on me (seriously so embarrassed at this point), and then I see Carson.. all I could think was WOW he’s cute and I have no makeup on & coffee all down me (great first impression Sums).

On the second day I was secretly hoping to see him but hoping I would look WAY better this time…nope…still no makeup on. I tried to hide and keep to myself in the makeup room, but come to find out he was repainting in the room next door. A few minutes later, he popped his head into the room I was in and asked if I could grab him a water, still completely embarrassed from the prior day I thought why not, probably won’t ever see this guy again. We then carried on a very long conversation and I was like WOW I am actually talking to a guy without makeup and he didn’t mind at all! ***Guys y’all are probably reading this and thinking what is the big deal about makeup.. Summer you don’t need makeup… well maybe y’all are right but, it’s an insecurity that I have battled with for years and still do. Everyone has something that they are self conscience about.. mine just so happens to be my skin & the way I feel without makeup. I just prefer makeup, sorry*** So back to the story… because it gets even better. I have seen Carson while having no makeup on, coffee all down my clothes, and NOW he is about to come along and film my very first lingerie shoot. This guy has seen me at my most vulnerable stage, when I wasn’t all dolled up and polished, and also when I was conquering my fears and he still looked at me in a way that no one has ever looked at me before. Hope returned when I looked into his eyes and at that moment I knew I might have just crossed paths with someone very special.


There is 2,600 miles between Carson and I, and we just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. I’v been in a couple of long distance relationships before but none where we were on opposite sides of the country. I never thought I would do another long distance relationship. I couldn’t get a hometown relationship to last, how was I going to endure one  where we are thousands of miles apart. But… it’s all in God’s timing. You can’t control love, it’s random and unexpected, it’s when God feels that you are ready for it. So for all of you who are in a long distance relationship or questioning if they work… I feel you, I know what is running through your mind. They do work! Yes, they are more challenging and can become complicated, but all relationships are! Although I don’t get a kiss or a hug from Carson everyday I know he is there for me. Love is worth fighting for…no matter the distance.


Ways we Do the Distance

1. Communication- *KEY* communication is key to any relationship, especially with a long distance one. Thank you for technology!  We are always texting, calling, and FaceTiming one another! But!… still giving one another “me” time.

2. See it as an Opportunity- it’s a learning journey. This is the time in the relationship to really get to know the person and yourself on a deeper emotional level. View the distance as pulling the relationship together and making it stronger.

3. Put the Effort In- make the effort to show one another how you feel. Send each other cute messages, I always love a good morning & a good night text.

4. Be open- whatever is on your mind let it out and work it out. Carson and I are not perfect. We have had our moments and disagreements but we have just had to confront one another about them and work through them. Working through issues is the only way that you will build the relationship.

5. Plan to See Each Other- make trips to see each other! Quality time is the BEST!

6. Enjoy the Little Moments- this is one of the things that being in a long distance relationship has taught me. It has made the simplest things the sweetest and you have to cherish each moment you get to spend with one another.

7. Stay Positive- most important!! You two met for a reason, allow God to guide your relationship and just enjoy the journey.

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