Sporty Spice


I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…. I wanna (ha), I wanna (ha), I really, really, really want you to have a Happy Friday! (Haha sorry guys I just had to reference the Spice Girls on this one)

TGIF!! You guys its finally FRIDAY! WooHoo!! It’s been one of those weeks that the weekend couldn’t come fast enough, especially because of the chaos the election has caused. I think we all need to woosah and make the most out of this weekend! Break out the champagne and relax or put those comfy pajamas on and binge watch netflix or even head to the mall and get a jump start on some holiday shopping. However you decide to spend your weekend I hope it’s a great one and that you are able to find your way to woosah!



In the last week or so I have been very sporty with my style, I like to call it Sporty Glam! Definitely channeling my inner Sporty Spice with a touch of Summer style. Yeah, I know that normally sporty and glam don’t usually go together however I think this racer inspired jumpsuit might get you into gear.

When I found this jumpsuit on one of my favorite sites, The Boutique, I knew I had to have it. Especially because ALOT of their items get sold out fast (Note: if you see something you like you better get it!). I knew it would be one of those great go-to, casual, comfy, and cute outfits! And.. I was so right! Such a great purchase!! It’s one of those outfits thats easy to slip on and is still cute! That’s what so great about a jumpsuit!! It’s perfect for those days that you don’t feel like getting ready, BUT still want to look good (you never know who you will run into) just slip on a jumpsuit and instantly, you are ready to tackle the day!


I love the sporty vibe that this jumpsuit gives off! It seriously looks like a racing suit! Just get me in a race car and on a track and call me the next champion (just kidding), but it does make me want to get up and make my day active! I added a black Calvin Klein sports bra underneath just to make it even more sporty.

Now to add the Summer touch to this sporty jumpsuit I had to throw on a pair of black ankle boots. That’s how we turn this outfit into Sporty Glam, adding heels into the mixture. A cute, comfy, and a little bit of glam look that you can always sport around and ensure that you are one kick-butting chick!

I will post full outfit details below, so keep on scrolling!


Racer Inspired Jumpsuit:

Calvin Klein Sports Bra:

 Luichiny Ankle Boots

Eyelash Extensions:

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