Wink Like An Angel


Now I love me a lash! I wear them every time I go out. I just think they complete your makeup look and they also prevent me from coating my eyelashes with 10 layers of mascara. So when I saw that my very good and dear friend Angel Samples was launching her own collection of eyelashes I knew I had to try them!


AND… I am so glad that I did!! I LOVE them! They are absolutely beautiful!

The shape of the lashes really make your eyes pop and I love how full they are. The lashes are mink so that gives them that natural shine and makes them very lightweight. I have heard that if you take really good care of the mink lashes that they can last up to 25 times, and I can see why because when I took the Angel Lashes off last night before taking my makeup off they looked like I had never even worn them! Sweet right?fullsizerender-8


Now in these pictures I am wearing the “ISABELLA’s”, they are natural with a touch of glam. I also got the “ARAYAH’s” and they are a little fuller and thicker than the “ISABELLA’s” so I’m saving those for a special occasion. But in Angel’s collection she offers four different styles of lashes and they are all incredibly stunning!

Give your eyes the angel wings and make them flutter by ordering your Angel Lashes! Be sure and check out all four eyelash styles on her website! I will post the link below!!



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