When All Else Fades…Choose Denim

Thank you denim for always being my go-to! Whenever I am looking in my closet and I have absolutely no clue what to wear you are always right there, hanging so apparent with your threaded shades of indigo. My love for you will never fade because you never break my heart!

Guys, since I purchased this button down faded denim oversized dress from H&M, I think I have worn it more than 6 times. It is the BEST purchase I have made in a while! Super easy to dress it up like I have done here or dress it down by throwing on some adidas sneakers. So if you don’t have a button down oversized denim dress in your closet yet….well girl you better be hitting the mall or on the H&M website right after you read this! I am telling you that it will be one of your FAVORITE purchases this season!!


For most of the 6 occasions I have worn this denim dress I have dressed it down with a pair of the adidas classic sneakers, but if you know me then you know I can’t go long without wearing some high heels. So I am pretty excited that the weather is cooling down because then I get to bring out all my boots, & these boots needed to be taken out for a walk! I love a good thigh-high boot and especially these because they have a platform. I am only 5’6″, so a good shoe that can give me a couple more inches are the BEST!


Lately, I am all for a hat, and I thought a pop of wine would be the perfect color addition to this outfit. Recently I partnered with a great active lifestyle clothing company called Prana! They have a wide variety of versatile and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity while still remaining stylish.


To finish off my look of course I had to add a choker. Chokers make everything better right? I thought the black choker complimented the black boots and gave the outfit that extra spice! Lastly, to put the finishing touches I paired the outfit with a magazine clutch to give it that fun element. I wish I could tell you guys where exactly I found this one.. however I do not remember, but do not fear, I did a little research and you can totally find a wide variety of magazine clutches on Ebay!


I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL week & remember if you are staring in your closet and are having trouble figuring out what to wear… you can never go wrong with denim!



Similar Oversized Denim Dress: www.hm.com or www.southernfriedchics.com

Black Thigh-High Boots: www.bebe.com

Hat: www.prana.com

Black Choker: www.guess.com

Magazine Clutch: www.ebay.com 

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