Color Crushing this Fall

So for today’s blog post it’s all about my color crush of YELLOW & I am crushing hard! Wait yellow is a summer color….well yes technically when you think of yellow you think of it more as a color for summer, however yellow is so cheerful and beautiful that it just makes me want to bring it right along into fall. First off, yellow is one of my favorite colors. It’s bright, bold, and the color of joy, so it instantly makes me smile! Why would you only want to wear this color only one time a year, right?

I think people are scared to be bold with what they wear, WELL don’t be! Do not be afraid of color! I love some great neutral tones for fall, but I also love throwing in some pops of color into my wardrobe. Nobody wants to look at a bland closet! BORING! Make it bolder by adding brighter colors into it this Fall like the color yellow. That’s what I did, especially with this little number. Keep reading to get the details on where you can find this outfit!


Now don’t go overboard with color on just one outfit. Even by keeping it simple you can still make a bold statement.


With my outfit of the day, I wanted to express my crush for yellow with this very simple shift dress from Southern Fried Chics (they have a variety of colors) and then complement the outfit with a scarf that had accents of yellow in it, that is also from Southern Fried Chics. I finished the look off with a pair of over the knee tan suede boots. This is a simple, easy to put together look, that will leave you feeling bright and bold!


Shift Dress & Scarf: Southern Fried Chics

Similar Boots:

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