Mad for Plaid

I am mad for plaid this season, not just because it’s perfect for Fall, BUT this season it’s excelling to a new level and expanding from just being that plain plaid flannel shirt. I am noticing plaid in all sorts of different forms, and I am LOVING it!

I was going very edgy with this outfit, I think I was channelling my inner rocker chick when putting it together. I paired this really cool lace up plaid shirt with black jeans and a wrapped black choker. I finished the look off by styling my hair in a top-knot. Now details on where I found this look! So there is this cool new store called Edge at the Augusta Mall. They carry very trendy clothes at an affordable price and that is where I found this awesome lace up plaid shirt. Just so happens they also have a website. For the choker, I found mine at Urban Outfitters but you could use any black choker to give your outfit an edgier look.

Now, for the Top-Knot! I hardly ever do anything different to my hair, exhibit A is down below, however I thought this outfit deserved a cool hairstyle to go with it. So I decided to give the Top-Knot a go. Come to find out this is a very simple and easy hair-do. All I did was section the top of my hair off to the amount that I wanted to create the “top-knot. Twisted the hair and wrapped it like a bun to form the shape that I wanted. Then I secured the knot with a couple of bobbie pins and voila! The Top-Knot!


Lace Up Plaid Shirt: KnowStyleUSA

Choker: Urban Outfitters

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